Financial Planning & Superannuation

Make your dream of financial independence become a reality!

Are you motivated to be in charge of your own time?
If so, together we can work hand in hand, empowering you to achieve your financial goals and ensure they are met by providing the following services:

• Strategic Financial Planning
• Investment Solutions
• Wealth Protection

AMD Wealth provides these services with support from our license holder, a Financial Services Dealer Group that specialise in licensing Tax and Accounting professionals throughout Australia to deliver a premium Financial Planning service.

Retirement Planning
A retirement plan that has been tailored to your specific needs and goals will provide a roadmap to achieve the desired retirement. The strategies will be developed to include debt management, wealth accumulation, superannuation and asset protection.

The estate plan aims will ensure that your accumulated wealth goes beyond your retirement and is distributed to your loved ones in accordance to your wishes and in the most efficient way.

Self Managed Superannuation
Is all about taking control of your superannuation. Our specialist services will provide you with strategic and compliance advice to ensure you make the most out of this efficient and tax concessional retirement vehicle.
Strategic Financial Planning

Do you know what your net wealth is today?

The first step towards building a financially independent future begins by outlining your current financial position then together identifying your desired goals and time frames building the road mad, to guide your journey.

We will develop financial strategies tailored to your specific circumstances and we consider your short, medium and long term financial goals. Following the initial planning and implementation, there is an ongoing review process where AMD Wealth ensures your strategy remains the most appropriate for you into the future.

Wealth Protection
Protecting your wealth is an important part of your wealth creation plan. We provide strategic insurance advice to ensure the adequate level of protection is provided to you and your family against life’s unexpected events. An insurance policy that has been tailored to your circumstances will protect you and your family’s financial wellbeing by ensuring your financial commitments are met in the event of death, disablement or illness.
Investment Strategies
Before investing your money it is very important to develop an investment strategy. Our investment strategies are developed to your specific circumstances and will consider your short, medium and long term financial goals. The investment strategy will include tax minimisation, debt reduction, diversification to minimise investment risk and cash flow management.
Portfolio Management
Following the preparation of a tailored investment or retirement strategy our portfolio management services will make sure that your investment mix and policy are designed to match your objectives through efficient asset allocation and risk management.