Accountants have a very important role to play in our business community. By recognising our unique position to make a valuable contribution to our clients we aim at working together with businesses and individuals to achieve their future success.

AMD can assist you with your business management and financial affairs. We offer:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Analysis of financial data & profit maximisation
  • Management accounting
  • Preparation of cash flow statements & budgets
  • Business valuations
  • Business benchmarking and analysis
Business benchmarking & analysis:
Business benchmarking offers a simplified way for business owners to review their current business processes and performance against industry leaders. It will help to identify areas of improvement and key performance indicators which will lead to growth and competitive advantages. As a business owner you should ask yourself “What do I do well? What do my competitors do better?!”
Business Valuations:
Valuing a business is the process of using predetermined formulas in conjunction with economic factors to determine a business’ true value. This value is of utmost importance when considering a potential business purchase or sale.

Experience is critical to providing an accurate and timely valuation. We have assisted many clients through this process while providing advice on the risks and tax implications associated with the business acquisition or sale.

We can answer those burning questions “How much is my business worth?” or “Am I paying too much?!”

Preparation of financial statements:
The performance of your business is essential to its ongoing success and your financial prosperity. Financial statements provide an accurate snapshot of how your business has performed for a specified period of time and the assets it has accumulated.

They will assist with making better business decisions, obtaining finance, tax return preparation and selling your business.

Analysis of financial data & profit maximisation:
Is your business making a profit? Do you want more? We review and analyse all facets of your business performance to recommend strategies that will improve and increase your business profitability and value.

We also provide valuable training so that business owners are able to understand financial data and reports to make better informed decisions regarding their business operations and future.

Management accounting:
Management accounting is the provision, analysis, advice and use of decision relevant information to generate and preserve value in a business.

We work closely with our clients to provide timely information and advice so that business owners can make better stress free day to day managerial decisions. These areas may include sales strategies, inventory management, debtors monitoring and staffing.

Preparation of cash flow statements & budgets:
As the old adage goes Cash is King! A cash flow statement reports the cash generated and used by a business for a specified period of time. A business that has a healthy cash flow will generally be valued higher, able to obtain finance or pay its debts quicker and pay higher dividends to owners.

A budget is a financial report that summarises estimated income and expenditure over a specified period of time with a view to comparing budgeted amounts to actual business performance.

A budget is essential to a business plan as it will highlight whether key performance indicators and financial objectives have been achieved. Strategic decisions can be better made with the use of budget analysis and benchmarking performance will lead to improved business outcomes.