Business Setup & Advice

The business structure is the foundation from which your business will grow and it is the key to prosperity and success.

 AMD will work with you to ensure that you receive the best advice in the following areas:

  • Business structuring, planning and valuation
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Management consultancy
  • Succession planning
  • Growth management strategies
Business structuring, planning & valuation:
One of the most important questions you will ask when starting a business is “What business structure should I use?” The business structure you choose will depend on your objectives, size & type of business, personal circumstances, business growth, asset protection, taxation and regulatory requirements.

We assist our clients by advising the best business structure to reduce compliance costs and taxation, maximise wealth, achieving business growth and efficiency along with asset protection to safeguard your future.

Performance monitoring & evaluation:
The key to running a successful business is to continually monitor, evaluate and review all facets of your business operations. This will highlight areas of excellence and also provide an opportunity to improve areas of weakness within your business.

We can assist our clients with financial reports such as cash flow statements, budgets, benchmarking reports and business valuations in addition to attending strategic events such as board and annual general meetings.

Industry benchmarking:
Benchmarking allows you to compare your business’ performance to similar businesses in the same industry. It is the quickest and easiest guide to how your business is performing compared to competitors using known metrics.

We can identify if your business is performing under or over the industry benchmark range and use this data analysis to improve your business efficiency, profitability and growth.

Management consultancy
Management consulting focuses on advising businesses on the best ways to manage and operate their chosen business activity. Through analysis of current business practices and industry standards, we can recommend strategies for business improvement, time management and staff development.

Our team of experts combine practical experience within many industries to offer timely and relevant advice to all clients to achieve long lasting business objectives.

Succession planning:
A succession plan outlines the things you will do when you sell, close or transfer ownership of your business. Given how important a succession plan is it is surprising to know that most business owners do not have one!

An effective succession plan is about achieving desired outcomes for your business, family and wealth. In the course of running your business have you ever considered the following?

– Do I need a will?

– Who will run my business if I die or become incapacitated?

– How can I keep the business in the family?

– How do I sell my business & what are the tax implications?

We can assist you with answering these questions amongst others to ensure that your business succession is handled professionally and stress free!

Growth management strategies:
Growth management strategies provide a detailed plan for growing your business. As your business grows we help to identify key areas that will ensure sustainable growth of your business.

All business owners should ensure they develop a scalable business management plan that can evolve with their business while implementing quality internal control systems. We will assist you to execute these systems and ensure that you understand all financial data analysis to achieve better business outcomes.